What an eventful show we had on February 24.

Posted by Kim Kilpatrick

Show co-host

What an eventful and interesting show we had on February 24.

Shelley (my co-host) and I have been taking yoga classes for the blind for more than 5 years.

A couple of weeks ago, after a class, we interviewed our yoga instructor..

She could not come in live so we pre-recorded an interview and Shelley edited it using the wonderful software audacity.

We had played the interview and had a nice relaxing yoga song on, when the fire alarm rang.

I was actually just on the phone with Parastou about to put her into the sound board when this happened.

We just had to leave the CD playing and hurriedly exit the studio.

So you will hear the usual beginning, and the yoga interview, and then music and maybe even dead air at the end.

Matthew (the CKCU station manager) walked out with us and showed us where to stand.

Fortunately, we did not have to go outside as it was extremely cold.

The benefits of having someone who announces radio stand with you during such a disturbance is that he was extremely good at providing audio commentary about what was going on all around us.

Thank you Matthew!!


Enjoy this very different show!


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