Link to our first ever one full hour show with Donna Jodhan

After about a  year and a half, we got our full hour show yesterday for the first time.

We have done longer shows at other times.

We have replaced Martha WAlsh during her show “Mar’s local connections” and we have had long shows for radio camp as well.

But now we have our very own spot.

Thanks to the CkCU staff who have been so supportive of us and of our show.

To me, it felt much more relaxed having a full hour and not having to rush our guests.

We could also play more music by artists with disabilities.

Yesterday, Donna Jodhan was on our show promoting audio mysteries that she has created.

Find her contact information here and also a link to our show below.

We started a new feature too.

Tip of the week.

All about pouring liquids and finding cups of liquids when you are blind or have low vision.

If you have other tips to share, please e-mail them to

Posted by Kim.

From our guest donna Jodhan

Hey Kim, something like:
You can contact me through Facebook at authordonnajodhan.
You can follow me on Twitter at author_jodhan.
You can write to me at
and you can visit me at
To go directly to my online store visit and there you will be either able to purchase or subscribe for unlimited access or better yet; take advantage of our free downloads.

Link to our show is at

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