The surprising things that happen on community radio.

You never know what will happen when you enter the studio to do your radio show.

Yesterday, a big monitor fell down on the sound board.

Possibly because of this, the music would not play.

Our theme, our music did not start.

Shelley ran off to get assistance from station staff.

When you host a show on community radio, you do it all.

Choose and audio edit theme music, any recorded interviews, etc.

You choose and play music from cd’s or youtube or other sources such as an I device or specialized talking book machine.

You line up, pre-interview, and then interview the guests on air live or over the phone or pre-recorded.

You tell everyone how to get in touch.

We do it all.

So, as Shelley scampered down the hall to get help for the music (or rather lack of music) Kim stayed in studio and started talking about upcoming events of note.

Then the studio phone rang.

It was our guest calling in.

So Kim answered the phone on air, put the call into the sound board, and proceeded.

Shelley came back and the problem of the music was solved.

Below find the link to our entertaining show and also an interview with Ruth and Heinz from Friendly spike theatre in Toronto.

Their upcoming show details are also posted below.

Posted by Kim


The Friendly Spike Theatre Band presents
Not the Same Old Story
An autobiographical story telling project
Friday September 5th
May Robinson Auditorium
20 West Lodge Avenue
For details call
647 729 9068
or email


Show link.

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