Funding drive for the next two weeks.

Post from co-host Kim.


I’ve never been particularly good at asking for money for causes.
However, I believe firmly in this one and do not mind asking in this case.
When I was very little, i pretended to be a radio host.  Carrying around my casette player and interviewing others and playing music.
I never really thought I would be a radio host though.
But then, we went to the volunteer orientation at CKCU and felt welcomed and challenged.
From there, it was the practice studio and lots of work learning how to operate the sound board, how to share a space with 2 other hosts who have different disabilities and needs.
At first, we thought perhaps a music show was in the works.
But, as we talked more and more, it became clear that a show by for and about people with disabilities was what we wanted to do.
We three hosts do all of the work on the show.
We schedule guests, conduct interviews, run the sound board, pick and play music, selected the theme and created a multitrack version of it, blog, tweet, facebook, post show highlights, and more.
We each have disabilities.
Also, CKCU helped us to have our first ever radio camp this past summer for youth who are blind or low vision and also a mini version this past week.
I don’t know of many shows like ours.
We have had many wonderful guests.
From artists with disabilities, to sporting types, from shows about from the united nations treaty on persons with disabilities, to programs for students with disabilities, and more!
I learn from our guests all of the time.
Please please support our show and all wonderful shows on CKCU.
You can get a tax credit for any donation over $25.  But please feel free to give what you can.
There are many ways to donate.
You can call (613) 520-3920 or toll free 1-877-520-3920
Call during our show Tuesdays at 9:30 to 10 AM on October 29 or November 5.
Or donate online at
Please feel free to pass this along to others.
Thank you so much for your consideration.
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