The elevator mishap.

You never ever know what will happen during each of our shows.

Our show on October 22 was all planned.  Then, Co-host Shelley and I arrived and found the elevator to take us to the 5th floor was not working.

This was fine for us as we can walk up the stairs.  However, our co-host Parastou could not get up to the studio.

We could not do much about that except to take a cell phone down to her and have her record and intro.  It did not feel like enough.

In our increasingly accessible society, whenever these barriers come up, it really makes me think.

Ironic that a show by for and about people with disabilities cannot get one of its hosts to the studio.

But, by talking about this on the show itself, I hope that we educated others.

We took over the show after ours on Tuesday as well so there are 2 links.

One for the first half hour and the second one for the next hour.



Posted by show host Kim

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