The October 15 show is all about dogs.

Yesterday, we decided to introduce one of the members of our team who is a strong and silent partner but has a very important job.

Here she is to introduce herself and to provide a link for yesterday’s show.


I am the most important member of the team.

No one else would tell you this but I am.

I am because I am responsible for getting Kim to and from the studio.

This involves walking across several streets, finding a bus stop, getting on the bus, finding a seat, getting off the bus, finding the university building, standing in the line for warm drinks to keep the hosts happy, finding the elevator, finding the studio, then lying quietly on the floor and snoring if I am bored.

I am Tulia.  I am Kim’s fourth guide dog.  WAnt to find out more about me and about some guide dog etiquette and other comments on service dogs?

Here is the link.

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One Response to The October 15 show is all about dogs.

  1. Marilyn Campbell says:

    To Tulia the Great
    Loved your show
    You know how to deliver the lines
    And how about the song God and the Dog…..perfect look forward to lying in the sun soon

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