Memorable accessible moment 1 from Grace Smith

We asked yesterday on our show (that is July 9) audio of that show coming up soon in another post.  We asked for accessibility at festivals stories.  The person who gave us the best story, won 2 tickets to Ottawa blues fest for a day.  Grace Smith outdid herself with 2 wonderful stories and she agreed to let me post them both here.  Here is story 1. 


Moment 1


Last year, I was the assistant crew leader for the Accessibility Crew at Ottawa Folkfest.  It was my first year as a crew leader.  We had wonderful weather except for one really bad day.  It poured rain all morning and when the rain stopped the winds picked up then the temperature dropped and many of us were hoping that the tents were well secured.  The morning was very warm – I was in shorts and sandals but had my rain jacket.  


As Allan Hicks mentioned in the interview, you have to come prepared for all weather.  So, I always packed a pair of long pants, a sweatshirt and warm socks in my knapsack.  This particular day, however, I had decided to leave my sack in our car.  My husband was also a volunteer on the accessibility crew and he had also packed a change of clothing for himself.  


By mid afternoon, my husband Frank, had finished his shift and reminded me that he was heading home to participate in a conference call with his work. Shortly after he left, the temperature dropped significantly and the high winds began.  My sandals were still wet and I was starting to get really cold!    Then, it hit me.  I realized “oh no, my clothes are in the car. Frank left with my warm dry clothing”.  I tried to call him but of course, the line was busy and his cell was off, too.  His conference calls often last 2 hours.  I knew I was in trouble. 


But our super wonderful volunteers took turns warming my hands with their hands and draped my legs with a spare jacket.  I’ll never forget that moment.  And then, my husband returned a few hours later dressed warmly with long pants, socks, sweatshirt and looked at me and said: “I can’t believe you are still in shorts; why don’t you put your long pants on.”?  Ha, Ha, HA.

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