Parents of kids with disabilities. What mine did that I am forever grateful for.

Over the past two weeks, I have thoroughly enjoyed dads being on our show. All of the co-hosts dads and a new dad with a disability. As I listened to their wise words, their calm voices, I was brought to tears. In a good way. It came to me so strongly as my own dad sat across the glass in the studio yesterday, that he did a lot by not doing things at times. By not rushing to grab me when I explored a room and bumped into things or tumbled down a step. By not saying no to a bike. By guide running with me. By letting me know just by how he communicated with me, that I could do whatever I wanted. That my parents were always there for me but that they would not over protect me. I should stand on my own two feet and get out into the world and live. Thanks dad. Thanks mom. For sometimes not helping.
Written by Kim Kilpatrick

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