A post from our co-host Shelley Ann Morris about her love of radio.

Ever since I can remember, the radio provided a constant soundtrack for my life. 


When I was little my parents always seemed to have it playing—often on a station specializing in American standards—Frank Sinatra, Doris Day and the like.  My Dad was an avid CBC listener—we would all gather around on Sundays to listen to Royal Canadian Air Farce.    When I was little my Mum would often put a radio in the window so I could orient myself when I was out in our backyard—what a clever mum I have! 


As I got older, I developed my own listening tastes.  I had my favourite “Top 40” shows and used to listen to music programs, comedies and dramas—I had many ‘can’t miss’ favourites, and back when I was a kid, there was no archive or internet broadcasts available—you just tuned in using a big old-fashioned radio dial.  At night, I would listen carefully as stations faded in and out from the US—you would strain your ears to  listen to hear your favourite DJ among the crackle of static.  As Rush’s Geddy Lee sang in his song Spirit of Radio, a ‘companion unobtrusive.’   The sound of the radio accompanied me on many of my life’s journeys. 


As we grew, the radio accompanied everything we did; birthday parties, drives in the car, getting ready for special occasions, long nights doing homework, cleaning house, socializing with friends, family reunions etc.  Radio provided much-needed solace during sad or challenging times, too. 


I loved listening to the way that different people spoke.  There were certain kinds of voices that I liked very much.  I secretly hoped that one day I would be part of this special, prestigious group who were a part of the magic.  I’m still star-struck that I am  co-hosting a program on CKCU.  It is both an honour and a privilege to be a part of this very special group. 

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