Yet another blog for me!

My name is Kim Kilpatrick and I am one of the three hosts of the new radio show on CKCU FM in Ottawa Canada 93.1

I am totally blind and have been so since birth.  I have studied Music Therapy and Volunteer Resource Management and I am a professional storyteller and love to blog and give disability awareness presentations.

I also help to run a technology training program for people who are blind or have low vision.

I share with you two of my other blogs.

One is a blog I write about great things about being blind.

You can find it at

The other is a blog about our and for our technology program.

It is at

If you want to follow the radio show on twitter it is at


And on Facebook we are at

Stay tuned for much more on the origins and making of the radio show.

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One Response to Yet another blog for me!

  1. Marilyn Campbell says:

    Kim’s Mom loved the Talking Wheelchair Blues.
    Amazing stuff
    Reminds me of being in St. Lucia and a lady asking me if SHE eats bananas!!!!!!
    Man that really made me sooooooo MAD!!!!

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